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Fuzzy Albums

covering the fuzz...

Release Date : 30-03-2012

Label : Psycho  Puppie Records / TMC Music Publishing

Length : 25.20 min. 

Format : BEAM, mp3 (320)

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“Covering the fuzz...” is only the nerds' view on some loved tracks written by some of the most influential for them artists... and that's all... what they do here is what the title says... they just cover the fuzz their way... “Covering the fuzz...” is only digitally published by The Fuzzy Nerds label “Psycho Puppie Records” in collaboration with TMC Music Publishing. The 7th overall official fuzzy release and the 5th album for the nerds (a mini one this time) is only a treat just for the fuzzy fans, friends and supporters and it's only the first for the 2012... The new Fuzzy Nerds album (their 6th in a row) is on its way...

                   *produced, engineered and mixed by Thomas Nastos at Vision of Sound studios
                   *recorded and mastered by Panos Papakostas and Thomas Nastos at Vision of Sound studios and at fuzzy home studio
                   *editing by Thomas Nastos and Petros Vyzoukis
                   *artwork by Kostas Spiropoulos

                .the fuzzy nerds

                Petros Vyzoukis – guitars/vocals/noise
                Efthimis Sfairopoulos – bass guitar
                Kostas Dimitriou – drums/percussion

                         .the fuzzy nerds – covering the fuzz... tracklist

                        idioteque (Radiohead)
                        common people (Pulp)
                        in between days (The Cure)
                        seventeen (Ladytron)
                        rock n' roll queen (The Subways)
                        perfect day (Lou Reed)

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