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Bloody Fat


The Fuzzy Nerds debut album “Bloody Fat” is the 1st official release made by the nerds and their own label “The Fuckingreat? Crew” back in September of 1998. The album was actually a compilation of some past demo tracks and some new recordings of that period and it went out in a very limited edition and simply in the DIY creative mood, since  everything was handmade... from recording to packaging. The “Bloody Fat” was sold out in 5-7 days owing to word of mouth and mail order, a common practice at that time among the local underground alternative movement. All album recordings were made live in the studio having the whole band performing in the room. Tracks like “Kismet”, “Seven Miles Away” and “X” increased the band's already good reputation, they were quite often played by indie radio producers and founded the core of the nerd fans outside their town.

The Fuzzy Nerds – Bloody Fat

*Produced by The Fuzzy Nerds, Thomas Nastos, Alexis Nastos & Kostas Fotiou. Recorded at Sound & Vision studios by Thomas and Alexis Nastos, except “fake” and “where you've gone” recorded at Kostas Fotiou 8track by Kostas Fotiou.
*Mixed by The Fuzzy Nerds except “fake” and “where you've gone” mixed by Petros Vyzoukis.
*Mastered by Thomas Nastos.
*Original Artwork by Mr t-shirt, revised artwork by Diogenis Hantzopoulos, art direction by Petros Vyzoukis and Maria Choleva.

*All songs written by Petros Vyzoukis except “kismet” written by Andreas Vyzoukis while “Nympho” and “breath 42” written by The Fuzzy Nerds.
*All lyrics written by Petros Vyzoukis except “kismet” written by Andreas Vyzoukis.
The Fuzzy Nerds

Petros Vyzoukis – guitars/vocals
Maria Choleva – bass/vocals
Alexis Stamatiadis – guitar
Diogenis Hantzopoulos – drums

        • *Aris Hantzopoulos plays cello on “where you've gone”
        • *Kostas Dimitriou plays drums on tracks 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 14
        • *Alexis Stamatiadis Xtra guitar on “dirt” and “Vs.” (distorted mix)
        • *All guitars on “fake” and “where you've gone”, as well as, all Xtra guitars, accoustic and noise guitars on all songs played by Petros Vyzoukis.
        • *On “Vs.” (distorted mix) live drum machine performing by Petros Vyzoukis.


Bloody Fat tracklist





bleeding tension


seven miles away




where you've gone


vs. (distorted mix)


129 A.i.d.


A.P. 2Scream







breath 42  download
remember me


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