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Fuzzy Albums

A Thought About Princes


The Fuzzy Nerds 2nd album “A Thought About Princes” was the work that put the nerds into the indie music map creating a huge band reputation among underground indie performers, musicians and indie music lovers. It was also a live recording in the studio album as it was the case with their debut “Bloody Fat”, as well as, a limited edition album. With the “A Thought About Princes” The Fuzzy Nerds started experimenting with more post rock pathways up on their own fuzzy sound that they had been building since 1996. Again, here, DIY is the fuzzy choice, since this album too was handmade, it was produced and released by their own label, “The Fuckingreat? Crew” and it was also sold out in a few days by word of mouth and mail order. “Mrs. Crashed” and “I Feel Fine” made the very first fuzzy tracks to appear to a Canadian indie radio station tracklist that year.

The Fuzzy Nerds – A Thought About Princes

Petros Vyzoukis – guitars/vocals/melody horn/fuzzy horn/percussion
Maria Choleva – bass guitar/vocals
Alexis Stamatiadis – guitar
Diogenis Hantzopoulos – drums/percussion
*written by Petros Vyzoukis
*words by Petros Vyzoukis except “grasshopper” by Maria Choleva
- produced, recorded and mixed by The Fuzzy Nerds and Thomas Nastos at Sound & Vision Studios.
- Engineered by Thomas Nastos
- Mastered by Thomas Nastos
- Art work by Dio Hantzopoulos
A Thought About Princes tracklist



I feel fine


Mrs. Crashed






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