..."anaesthesia" she said as she walked inside, she felt dirty and she tried to ease herself up, she was freezing and the wizzards came to rest, but some green elves had some drinks inside her head,
..had she owned that blue plant, now she should have been away, safe but drunk and weird just like that old blonde elf, she thought every witch should have in mind what she was like, what she thought of them should just for once prove to be right,
..so this is how the story starts and that is why she fell apart, it was the night, it was a witch, she didn't care, she fell asleep..have a drink inside my head.. not again



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10-19-2012 / "Killer 13" pre - release presentation / Boxx Live Stage / Ioannina / Gr

"Killer 13" pre - release presentation / Boxx Live Stage / Ioannina / Gr

THE FUZZY NERDS present their forthcoming 6th full-length studio album "Killer 13" @ Boxx Live Stage, Ioannina, on Friday, October 19, with special guests Yuri's Accident, Schema and TheirMethLab.


Doors open at 20:30 pm

21.00 – 21.30 Yuri's Accident
21.45 – 22.15 Schema
22.30 – 23.00 TheirMethLab

and finally

23.15 – 00.30 The Fuzzy Nerds

entrance : 5 euros + beer + free promo from “killer 13”

enjoy the nerdland...


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