..."anaesthesia" she said as she walked inside, she felt dirty and she tried to ease herself up, she was freezing and the wizzards came to rest, but some green elves had some drinks inside her head,
..had she owned that blue plant, now she should have been away, safe but drunk and weird just like that old blonde elf, she thought every witch should have in mind what she was like, what she thought of them should just for once prove to be right,
..so this is how the story starts and that is why she fell apart, it was the night, it was a witch, she didn't care, she fell asleep..have a drink inside my head.. not again



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..some fuzzy talk..

“..the fuzzy nerds are better than the 70% of the greek bands that have a record release in the market at the moment and they are better than many bands in the world. The band has verified its reputation which it carries with it some years now, a reputation that says that this band is a quite unique one. Without overreacting, they are great… their influences are detectable, however they don’t overshadow the band’s personality – and what a personality! It was perhaps the first time that I liked that much unknown to me songs. It was as if I had been waiting a whole lifetime to listen to them, it was as if the time had stopped and everything was rolling around those guys… The revelation of the evening by far!”
( Difono magazine, July 2000, battle of the bands live review, Spilios Lambropoulos)

“ …you would never call their presence on stage nerveless… The truth is that you wouldn’t expect from self-taught musicians to hear tunes able to make you fly. The Fuzzy Nerds have come to prove a rule wrong.. They succeed in passing their passion through the audience in the most natural way.”
(Klik magazine, Sept. 2000, Melissanthi Mauridou)

“ While I’m writing these lines, I have already enjoyed The Fuzzy Nerds brand new work, a real diamond which deserves not to stay unexplored.”
( mirrorball zine, issue 3, 2001, taken from a fuzzy nerds interview, Theodosis Michos)

“…having contemporary influences they reflect the echoes of the experimental pop of the 00’s… and they work on them under their serious personal interventions. And it is those interventions that give on this band’s work the identity and a prominent position in what is going on in our country.”
(mic.gr, 2002, a thought about princes review)

“ ……the Lucifair e.p. contains 4 tracks which I’m sure that will make everyone who loves that kind of sound look desperately for everything that has ever been recorded by those guys. I know, I know that I sound too excited! But you know what? I am!”
(atraktos.net 2003, lucifair review, Vasilis Sintos)

“ 4 tracks, one of them on a radio edit version, which, using the plainness and the frugality of a first dish, leave a sweet taste in our mouths and at the same time they create much anticipation for the next.”
(avopolis.gr 2004, lucifair review, Paris Papavlassopoulos)

“ …especially their second and third song may have been the highlight of the whole evening. Their firm construction, pop melodies and guitar driven bursts were definitely worthy of their reputation.” (avopolis.gr, 2004, for the fuzzy nerds appearance as special guests for blackfield at Rodon Athens, Konstantinos Tsavalos)

“ Except for the powerful indie rock full of captivating melodies and guitar guided elevations, in their new album they try themselves on post rock pathways as well, and they succeed in it very well…their new album justifies them, it finds them having been advanced and it proves that they had fairly provoked quite an impression a few years ago.”
(pop & rock/rock n’ roll magazine, Mar. 2007, happy fuzzy thinkin’ review, Dimitris Argyropoulos)

The Fuzzy Nerds are in constant search and they don’t rely on musically. With “Happy Fuzzy Thinkin’” they create their most complete work.. Specifically, their 11 minutes long “Little Black Fairy”, one of the best songs that I have listened to this year, or “Project no 9”, prove their ability in composing..”
( Sonik magazine, Mar. 2007, happy fuzzy thinkin’ review, Gerasimos Papalambrou)

“ What is changing here is the maturity by which The Fuzzy Nerds fulfill this sound journey. There is advancing in their expressive means comparing to their last work “Lucifair”, while there is even more independence and their inspiration reaches even higher levels..”
(avopolis.gr, 2007, happy fuzzy thinkin’ review, Charis Symvoulidis)

“ At the beginning you will find them “difficult”, in the end you will find yourself captivated..”
(mic.gr, 2007, the best English-spoken, for the track “happy?”, Aris Karambeazis)

“We are treated to some particularly chilling vocals at the beginning of “Sonic Blue”, and although there are guitars and other sounds, it's the drums played in a military marching kind of way that adds to the overall flavour of the sound. I love when the heavier vibrant guitar licks kick in after a break in vocals, before combining with all the other elements. I'd like to say that I find the range and tonality of the vocals quite impressive and once again find that I have to say that each song brings a very atmospheric edge to the listener, it's like your not just listening to a song your getting an experience.”
(infused zine, Feb. 2007, happy fuzzy thinkin’ review, Gavin H.)

“Their new creation fully reflects their post rock touch and their image by which we have been familiar with many years now, however it simultaneously widely opens the doors and invades into the bright light of the land of pop. Their atmospheric melodies and the indolent as well as nostalgic vocals, the trademark of the band, are here once more, they are based though on a more multi-coloured composing basis, specifically elaborated by Clive Martin's intelligence in such a way that the whole attempt remains solid and fresh.”
(mixtape, January, 2009, top 20 greek albums for 2008, P.P.)

Mirror Phase is the name of The Fuzzy Nerds all-fresh return and this album smells by far powerful guitars, convulsive drums, sticky bass lines and sonic youth - ing forms! The Mirror Phase outcome is really impressive, especially if we bear in mind that from their previous post-rockin' work,  where they had left much of their guitars along with the high speed rhythms aside, with their new album they take not one but ten steps beyond!!”
(avopolisgreek.gr, January, 2009, Do you wanna PlayOurMusic? #11)

“ "Mirror Phase" is their most polished and firm album. The combination of pop, catchy tunes, the combination of really riveting rhythm (credits to the drummer who manages to give not only the right vibe but also the right melody!) and the remote from the greek standards Clive Martin's (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, U2, Raining Pleasure and many others) production (although this seems to change lately...) makes listening to "Mirror Phase" something more than just an auditory pleasure.”
(mic.gr, January 2009, “mirror phase” review, Marilou P.)

"For someone to claim that The Fuzzy Nerds last work, ‘Mirror Phase’, is one of the best moments of the greek (why not of the European as well) English-speaking scene may sound exaggerated. For someone to claim that The Fuzzy Nerds have nothing to be jealous of the hundreds of indie/alternative bands that constantly emerge in the music industry globally may sound cliché.  For someone to claim that the band can easily release very soon even a ‘Best of” album may sound as an overoptimistic prediction. But for someone to claim that The Fuzzy Nerds are constantly “scratching” their guitars at least for the last fifteen years offering valuable services to the music they love with consistent album releasing presence and plenty of live performances is an undeniable fact.”
(cultzine.wordpress.com, March 2009, Fuzzy's Mirror Phase, Uncle Iggy)

“Catchy melodies, accurate and well settled riffs along with a firm production create a  distinctive “backbone” in every song. And up on this  pedestal the vocal performance “is building” every song with patience, offering a quite tight, atmospheric and well worked on unit.…....on the second listening “Mirror Phase” has already become a part of the listener, has already marked its powerful weapons... and ultimately has already managed to succeed in gaining the number of hearings it  deserves.”
(postwave.gr, April 2009, “mirror phase” review, Konstantinos Goulas)

The Fuzzy Nerds are credited with their perseverance (as I managed to find out) on a guitar driven sound that moves on the boundaries of pop legitimacy, flirting with... somewhat avant- garde terms. If something needs to be noted from the top... this has to do with... basically, two things: namely with Petros Vyzoukis vocals and guitars... The Fuzzy Nerds pop (let us call it like that...) based in a catalytic flow in synthesis has the ability to fascinate you through the simplicity of its chords (“May I leave?”), its fuzzy twistings, its powerful – rhythmical passion (Maria Choleva, bass / Kostas Dimitriou, drums) and of course Eroc's mastering and Clive Martin's (ex-Ride, Puressence, Echobelly, Stereophonics, Raining Pleasure a.o.) untouchable, ethereal production.”  
(Jazz & jazz music magazine, May 09, Fontas Troussas)

“They master the art of melody enough to elevate every aspect of it.”
(Athinorama, May 21, 2009, “mirror phase” review, Argiris Zilos)

The Fuzzy Nerds construct a fairly tight unity of songs that maintain unaltered  the elements that differentiated them from the mass of the constantly multiplied indie bands, by developing new inventions.”
(pingpongradio.com, May 2009, “mirror phase” review, Panagiotis Stathopoulos)

“From the sound and the lyrics, to the artwork and... the playing with the song titles, The Fuzzy Nerds new work forces you to study it.... having the dark element that marks them not being absent, with the guitars dominating but at the same time with sound experimentations (cello and trombone participation is excellent), they manage to create an album that stands as a voyage to personal moments.
(pop & rock/rock n’ roll magazine, June 2009, “mirror phase” review, Frixos Fintanidis)


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